Chemotherapy #3

Hello followers and new readers!

It’s been a few weeks since my last chemotherapy infusion and I haven’t done much blogging since then because I wasn’t feeling very well. My energy level was super low so I did a lot of resting. Now that I’m feeling much better I wanted to make sure I gave everyone an update.

Third infusion 01/30/2019

Right now I’m on an every-three-week rotation for my chemo infusions. In total, I will have received eight chemo infusions. Four from the first phase and four from the second. After my fourth infusion tomorrow I’ll be switching to bi-weekly infusions to start my second phase.

January 30th 2019

My boyfriend came with me to my appointment, per usual. We waited for a while this time before being seen. Which I can’t stand. The anticipation for chemo is already terrible so I hate waiting any longer than I have too. We usually sit and watch whatever’s on TV after I check in. This time it was some game show. After waiting an annoying amount of time a nurse came to get me and she checked my vitals. She walked me to the recliner I’d be sitting in and then I got myself comfortable before my chemo nurse came over. After I got comfortable I noticed a cake behind the nurses station and hoped they would ask me if I wanted some. Because cake.

Earings that a paitent made and I took home.
So cute! ♡

My nurse accessed my port, hooked me up to my pre-meds, and then gave me my one benadryl. After that is when she and another nurse came over to check my chemotherapy medication together. When my pre-meds were done is when my nurse gives me my chemo medication. Infusions usually take a few hours and this time I worked on my blog a little bit. I ate an egg salad sandwich and some fruit. The nurses ended up asking me if I wanted some of the cake and of course I smiled so big with a YES. It was a lady finger cake with some fruit and cream in it. I was happy, full, and getting sleepy from the chemo.

I took the chemotherapy well again and didn’t get sick during treatment. Even after when my pre-meds wore off the most I felt was nauseous (which still sucks) but at least I didn’t get sick. The feeling of nausea has become stronger the deeper I get into chemo but I’ve been trying to manage with some of my own remedies. If you can get your self to eat something small every couple hours it does help with the nausea. Water intake is always also super important too. It helps hydrate (obviously) and rebuild your cell count.


A few days after chemo is usually when I start to feel some of the effects. This time the day after chemo I had bright red cheeks. Then as the days went by the fatigue, loss of appetite and change of taste started coming. I also had difficulty sleeping, sore muscles, a faster heart rate, and shortness of breath. After a week or so is usually when I start to feel a little better.


I’m so glad my third infusion is over and done with. Bringing me one step closer to the end. I have my fourth infusion tomorrow and then I’ll be getting my halfway scans scheduled. I’m hoping for another good outcome this round and praying to have good scans. Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading more of my story! ♡ Until next time.

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