Chemotherapy #5

Two weeks ago I received some really good news and wanted to share that with everyone. My recent ultrasound shows that my cancer has shrunk to .9 of a cm (it has shrunk by 85%) and my lymph nodes are back to normal size!This is amazing news and I’m definitely very grateful.

I started phase two of chemotherapy a couple weeks ago for my fifth treatment and everything went pretty well. Treatments are still a few hours long so I always bring snacks with me and eat while I get my chemo.

I made myself a coffee and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich from the fridge when I got there. I brought some fruits and chia seed pudding from home to snack on so I’d have something healthy to eat.

I didn’t get sick or lose my appetite which is great. I had a little bit of nausea and acid reflux with this round but other than that I was able to manage.

I received my sixth treatment today and so far so good! I’ll update you guys again soon on what I’ve been up too and my sixth treatment.

Thanks for reading ♡ until next time

2 thoughts on “Chemotherapy #5

  1. Marissa Mitchell says:

    Yay! So exciting to hear about the shrinkage I am so happy for you and have been waiting to hear that news 🙂 it is almost over so close stay strong!!!!! Much love and strength your way til the end ❤

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    • Samantha Smith says:

      Thank you so much! It’s definitely exciting and my DR seems very happy with the amount of shrinkage so today is a good day! ♥️ only two treatments left after yesterday 💪🏼 I got this


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